Sessions at Wavelengths 2019 covered some complex topics affecting global music artists— from the rise of Latinx as a genre label to lingering colonial power dynamics. “The emotional immediacy of many of the panels set Wavelengths apart from the usual conference fare and says a lot about the community we’ve worked hard to build for over a decade,” remarks Tristra Newyear Yeager, Wavelengths co-organizer and veteran rps writer and strategist. Read more →

It’s never been easy for international artists to make a profit touring in North America. The costs of travel, accommodations, and visa processing are higher for international artists, yet ticket sales and booking budgets are not higher than for other artists. While international artists and their teams may face offers they consider low from presenters, here are 7 tips to increase the viability of touring in North America that came out of the Wavelengths: APAP World Music Preconference Read more →

Unofficial Guide to APAP and CMA Ready for Your Showcase Listing Submissions

The 4rd annual Unofficial Guide to Music at APAP and CMA is now accepting listings for showcases and concerts in New York City from January 6 to January 20, 2016. It takes a few minutes to add your showcase and concert information. Note that this is not the official guide for either conference. Each conference maintains official showcase schedules of their own. This is an additional feature to include both official and unofficial events and to make it easy for music presenters and agents to easily navigate music-specific performances during the two events. Read more →

I attended Mundial Montreal ( for the first time last year and was impressed with the quality of the showcases, effective structured networking, broad attendance by excellent world music business contacts (presenters, festivals, agents), the deep dive into Canada's thriving... Read more →