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Global Music: Where to Find Global Music Festivals 2019-2020


With the variety of global music festivals around the world, finding new acts and sounds has never been easier. We’ve put together a list of our top picks to help you discover new music, art, and culture from around the world!

June 2019

June 21-Make Music Day

Held in over 1,000 cities, Make Music is a truly global celebration of music.

June 21-23-North Country Fair

This Solstice celebration, held in Alberta, CA, combines rustic camping, music, workshops, and more!

June 23-30-Medicine Hat Jazz Fest

Held in Canada, this small town festival creates a close-knit community experience filled with music discovery.

July 2019

July 9-13-Latin Alternative Music Conference

This conference takes place in New York City, and provides an opportunity to hear exciting new sounds in Latin music.

July 11-14-California Worldfest

Head to Grass Valley, CA to experience a festival full of camping and global music,

July 19-21-Vancouver Folk Music Festival

Held in Vancouver, this festival allows attendees to experience the culture and sounds of folk music from around the world.

July 20-Bayfront Reggae and World Music Festival

This festival brings attendees to Duluth, MN to celebrate world music.

August 2019

August 3-5-Canmore Folk Festival

Head to Alberta, CA to experience world folk music at Alberta’s longest running folk festival.

August 6-14-Montreal First Peoples' Festival

Local and international performers head to Montreal to showcase art, history, and tradition.

August 9-11-Edge of the World Fest

This festival attracts attendees to the beautiful Haida Gwaii in Canada for a showcase of world music.

August 9-12-Beloved Festival

This 4 day event held on the Oregon Coast is a healing event that provides sacred art, music, and movement.

August 10 - Festival Eclectica

Now in its second year, this new one-day festival brings a diverse Latinx, African, and Blues lineup to Angel Fire, New Mexico.

August 16-18-Expo Latino

Held in Alberta, CA, this event showcases Hispanic artists from around the world.

August 29-September 1-FME (Festival de musique émergente)

FME brings attendees to Quebec to experience emerging artists and their eclectic music.

September 2019

September 13-15-Madison World Music Festival

Held in Madison, WI, this festival gives attendees the opportunity to experience unique world music and dance.

September 13-29-World Music Festival Chicago

This multi-venue festival takes attendees city-wide as they experience global artists and ensembles.

September 20-21-Globalquerque

Globalquerque brings attendees to Albuquerque, New Mexico to enjoy global music performances.

September 26-29-Lotus World Music & Arts Festival

Held in Bloomington, IN, this festival aims to celebrate and explore the diversity of global cultures by bringing global music and art to attendees.

September 28-Mushtari Begum Festival of Indian Classical Music and Dance

This festival bring attendees to New Westminster, BC to enjoy classical Indian music and dance.

October 2019

October 4-5-BU Global Music Festival

The Boston University Arts Initiative brings the Global Music Festival, an event with global music, educational events, as well as a global bazaar.

October 11-19-Celtic Colours International Festival

Head to Cape Breton Island, CA for a chance to experience this festival full of unique global music.

November 2019

November 19-22-Mundial Montreal

Held in Montreal, this festival provides a stage for emerging talent from Canada and beyond.

January 2020

January 12-globalFEST

globalFEST takes place in New York City, and brings a dynamic group of global artists to create a cultural and social festival.

January 22-26-Folk Alliance International

Held in New Orleans, Folk Alliance International celebrates collaboration and sharing of new ideas by hosting a global conference.

January 24-February 1-Coldsnap Fest

This festival brings attendees to Prince George, BC to experience music including blues, indie, country, hip hop, folk, and more.

February 2020

February 22-CRASHfest

Head to Boston to experience this festival full of global acts.

April 2020

April 20-22-Festival International de Louisiane

Experience global art, music, and culture at this festival hosted in Louisiana.