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Playing APAP? Put Your Showcase in Unofficial Guide to World Music ASAP

Photo (1)Once again,  rock paper scissors and Rendezville (festival/conference app builders) are hosting the Unofficial Guide to World Music at APAP. If you have a showcase that might be considered world music taking place January 8-14, 2014 in NYC, you are invited to submit a showcase listing in this unofficial guide.

The final product is a mobile website (that works like an app) making it easy for world music presenters and tastemakers to find all the choices, star them, and create a personal short list and get all the info they need to audition, choose, and attend the showcases.

IMPORTANT: To avoid duplicate entries, please talk to the relevant booking agent, venue/presenter, showcasing festival, manager, and/or artist because people from ALL these roles will be adding concerts and it is better to have one entry per showcase to avoid confusion and inaccurate data.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Being in this Unofficial Guide does not ensure you will be in the APAP Official Showcase Directory. To really hit the APAP membership, you need to also add your showcase to that directory here.

For the UNOFFICIAL GUIDE TO WORLD MUSIC, you may add your showcases here.

Request the password for the Unofficial Guide by contacting us here