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NPR recently explored exuberant rock critic Chuck Klosterman’s side-splitting, stream-of-consciousness faux press release for an instrumental rock band. The seemingly silly exercise in pseudo-pr has something to say to global musicians. Not only is the release a great compendium of... Read more →

At first glance, the elimination of one of two categories specifically designated to honor world music artists with a Grammy appears both irritating and misguided. The field of world music—both “traditional” and “contemporary” as NARAS previously called them—is flourishing, changing,... Read more →

1. Be a human being… People like hearing from friends but hate hearing from spammers. To sound more like a human and less like an email-spewing robot, identify yourself clearly. Have an address that looks like a human uses it,... Read more →

Last month marked my third time attending SXSW, the free-for-all music conference festival with a strong indie rock base. SXSW Global Vibe in 2005 I had attended several years ago to see what the fuss was about and to see... Read more →