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World music: It’s too often portrayed—even by those who work to support and nurture it—as the step-child of music genres. And, sure, back in the bad old days (read: the consolidation-mad 1990s), when the evil stepmothers of the music industry... Read more →

Bob Marley comes across as the ultimate musical rebel, though everyone—from American frat boys to Malian army officers—loves his music. Wildly successful, Marley is an enigma: Someone who managed to put obscure local music on the world map; who turned... Read more →

5 Things to Avoid When Creating a Bio for Publicity Purposes

1. Avoid abstractions, especially ones that are literal translations of expressions in your native tongue. You can't just translate a bio and make it work. 2. On the other hand, if every other word is italicized, your bio is not... Read more →