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Friends and colleagues preparing for SXSW Music next week have asked for help narrowing the choices for panels, parties, and showcases. Here is an Excel spreadsheet with my picks and back-up picks for most time slots. I hope it helps!... Read more →

The SXSW music conference/festival is coming up in a couple of weeks, March 17-21, 2010 in Austin Texas. Here are a few highlights for globalistas. Panels Of course, there are dozens of relevant panel topics related to music business, marketing,... Read more →

It’s risky business taking a book based on research of what makes large corporations great and applying it to the likes of a musician or band. I’m sure that Jim Collins, a rigorous researcher/author of Good to Great: Why Some... Read more →

Our jaws dropped when we heard about the new Musical Instrument Museum opening next month in Phoenix. And we were so excited to hear that Lotus Festival veteran and Indiana University Folklore/Ethnomusicology program survivor Sunni Fass is taking the artistic... Read more →