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Yesterday, National Geographic announced the launch of their new record label. We caught up with label manager Mat Whittington for a Q & A about bridging the worlds of DJ/electronica and "world music," the evolving role of recordings in the... Read more →

The Cuba Research and Analysis Group has initiated a letter to President-Elect Barack Obama calling for concrete changes in U.S. policy towards Cuba that will allow for the uninhibited flow of art, culture, information, ideas and debates, as well as... Read more →

The Arts Presenters conference wrapped up earlier this week. Some of my favorite sessions are always the ones organized by the North American World Music Coalition (thank you, Alison Loerke!), who this year teamed up with the Summer Outdoor Festivals... Read more →

globalFEST--12 Artists on Three Stages from NYC, Live Webcast on Tonight from 6 pm to Midnight Eastern

WNYC Radio brings the sounds and spirit of the festival to an audience beyond the music hall. Tonight WNYC presents globalFEST as a LIVE webcast at, with a behind-the-scenes preview beginning at 6 pm. Beginning Friday, January 16th, full... Read more →

Enter drums among the people. Is that Yoruba ritual or Santeria? The man with dreads dancing a blessing. Is that Amayo, from Antibalas? It is, spill the water. Black man throatsing-beatboxing an Obamabration, who dat? Kid Lucky! Vernon Reid--The Vernon... Read more →