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Trends in Live and Recorded music-- A Q&A with National Geographic's Tom Pryor

DubMC periodically poses questions to key players in the global music scene to check the pulse of both the recorded music and live music markets. Up first is Tom Pryor, editor of National Geographic's world music website. What are some... Read more →

Working in America's Russian Émigré Communities: A Q & A with Auktyon Manager Max Milendorf (Bridging Gaps, Vol. 3)

Max Milendorf is the USA manager for "Russian rock Dadaists" Auktyon, who are currently on tour in the USA. While these underground bohemian rock icons strive to reach non-Russian audiences when they play here--in search of the excitement of playing... Read more →

Translating the World: Q&A With Robert Singerman about World Music Lyric Translations, Live and Recorded

Always on the lookout for what can help expand the presence of global music in North America, DubMC interviewed Robert Singerman who has a personal mission to break down language barriers between global musicians and their potential audiences who speak... Read more →