Guest Post by Ron Kadish, veteran musician and publicist We hear it all the time, from rookie bands and long-established acts alike: “I just finished tracking my new album, and I was offered a great gig for the release that’s... Read more →

Musicians and performing artists know they have to think like small business owners. Where do you find business support when music is your business? Local, regional, and federal resources for small businesses abound, but few are targeted specifically to the needs of creatives in the arts and entertainment fields. I asked Jocelyn Celaya about her work filling that gap. Read more →

Does anyone ever get to see everything they want to at APAP? There’s an overwhelming number of showcases scattered throughout Manhattan and the boroughs featuring artists that are famous, unknown, and everything in between. Ron Kadish and Ben Michaels, APAP veterans, managed to catch a few of this year’s global music shows despite their busy schedules as rock paper scissors publicists. I asked them for a rundown of the APAP experiences that were their personal favorites of 2019. Read more →

Sessions at Wavelengths 2019 covered some complex topics affecting global music artists— from the rise of Latinx as a genre label to lingering colonial power dynamics. “The emotional immediacy of many of the panels set Wavelengths apart from the usual conference fare and says a lot about the community we’ve worked hard to build for over a decade,” remarks Tristra Newyear Yeager, Wavelengths co-organizer and veteran rps writer and strategist. Read more →