From July 16-18, 2010, Detroit's Concert of Colors' 18th edition will take place. DubMC took this opportunity to interview CoC's co-curator and spiritual leader Ismael Ahmed about the festival's history and the role it plays in uniting the communities who... Read more →

As summer festival season continues, DubMC interviewed Steven Haines, executive director of Stern Grove Festival (San Francisco, CA), about what makes the festival and site one of San Francisco's best kept secrets. 1. What makes Stern Grove physically unique from... Read more →

1. What’s your two sentence description of the Calgary Folk Festival for someone who has never been? It’s an experience; a collective sound salvation with an incredibly cool vibe in a beautiful urban park that features unique collaborations and concerts.... Read more →

Our jaws dropped when we heard about the new Musical Instrument Museum opening next month in Phoenix. And we were so excited to hear that Lotus Festival veteran and Indiana University Folklore/Ethnomusicology program survivor Sunni Fass is taking the artistic... Read more →

Chicago World Music Festival Revealed: A Q & A with Director Mike Orlove (Pro.File Vol. 5)

Chicago World Music Festival's Mike Orlove talks about his sources for finding music, tips for musicians and new festival organizers, the status of the international musician visa process in recent months (including a breakdown of what it costs), the unique characteristics of his festival, and why his artist selections make women hug him and cry. Read more →

Pro.File Vol. 4: Professional Profile of Fabian Alsultany, GlobeSonic DJ and World Music Tour Producer

This Q & A with Founder/CEO of GlobeSonic Entertainment and former Head of A&R at Palm Pictures Fabian Alsultany continues a periodic DubMC series called Pro.File in which we engage a professional within the music field about where they fit... Read more →

Pro.File Vol. 3: A National World Music Video Outlet; Q & A with Steve Lawrence and Michal Shapiro of Link TV

More and more people are finding out that there is a national TV channel with several hours of world music videos and documentaries on every week. This Q & A with Steve Lawrence and Michal Shapiro of Link TV continues... Read more →