1. Know your audience: Guess what? If a journalist is covering you, most likely she or he likes what you do. Or at least thinks it’s interesting enough to bother writing about. That means you have a pretty sympathetic ear.... Read more →

globalFEST--12 Artists on Three Stages from NYC, Live Webcast on WNYC.org Tonight from 6 pm to Midnight Eastern

WNYC Radio brings the sounds and spirit of the festival to an audience beyond the music hall. Tonight WNYC presents globalFEST as a LIVE webcast at www.wnyc.org, with a behind-the-scenes preview beginning at 6 pm. Beginning Friday, January 16th, full... Read more →

Enter drums among the people. Is that Yoruba ritual or Santeria? The man with dreads dancing a blessing. Is that Amayo, from Antibalas? It is, spill the water. Black man throatsing-beatboxing an Obamabration, who dat? Kid Lucky! Vernon Reid--The Vernon... Read more →