More and more people from around the country are discovering the specialness of the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival in Bloomington, Indiana, the “world music capital of rural America.” Lotus is unique in that it is not in a... Read more →

We asked the incredibly talented Briga what her favorite clever strategy as an independent artist that she would like to share with other independent artists was and she laid some excellent advice on us! "Keep your eyes, ears, smell, taste... Read more →

Writer and thinker Kwame Anthony Appiah, who was recently awarded the National Humanities Award, made a thoughtful argument in favor of cosmopolitanism in a recent interview. In his vision of this ancient thought tradition, Appiah sees cosmopolitanism as “universality plus... Read more →

People have called it World 2.0. Music journalists and scholars are thinking about it, the tectonic shift in the Western consumption and understanding of music from elsewhere. The transformative effect of the underground circulation of recordings, often vintage cuts from... Read more →

1. Be a human being… People like hearing from friends but hate hearing from spammers. To sound more like a human and less like an email-spewing robot, identify yourself clearly. Have an address that looks like a human uses it,... Read more →