NPR recently explored exuberant rock critic Chuck Klosterman’s side-splitting, stream-of-consciousness faux press release for an instrumental rock band. The seemingly silly exercise in pseudo-pr has something to say to global musicians. Not only is the release a great compendium of... Read more →

1. Know your audience: Guess what? If a journalist is covering you, most likely she or he likes what you do. Or at least thinks it’s interesting enough to bother writing about. That means you have a pretty sympathetic ear.... Read more →

Village Voice Dismisses World Music Beacon and Veteran Pop Music Critic Robert Christgau

DubMC was informed yesterday that the Village Voice dismissed "world music" beacon and veteran music critic Robert Christgau (who has been writing for the paper since 1969) along with seven other editorial staff. Today The New York Times reports that... Read more →