DubMC talked to Robert Singerman, who has dedicated his career to breaking new ground in the music industry, through his work with new wave, new jazz, and other pioneering artists, and now by working toward new ways to enjoy the... Read more →

I attended Mundial Montreal (www.mundialmontreal.com) for the first time last year and was impressed with the quality of the showcases, effective structured networking, broad attendance by excellent world music business contacts (presenters, festivals, agents), the deep dive into Canada's thriving... Read more →

Bob Marley comes across as the ultimate musical rebel, though everyone—from American frat boys to Malian army officers—loves his music. Wildly successful, Marley is an enigma: Someone who managed to put obscure local music on the world map; who turned... Read more →

Scottish music performer and teacher Ed Pearlman has launched an online petition asking the White House and Congress to pass legislation that would permit temporary U.S. visits for the purposes of cultural exchange by acknowledged experts in traditional arts. The... Read more →

The Cuba Research and Analysis Group has initiated a letter to President-Elect Barack Obama calling for concrete changes in U.S. policy towards Cuba that will allow for the uninhibited flow of art, culture, information, ideas and debates, as well as... Read more →

Cultural Ambassadors and Trade Envoys: NY Times Report on Gov't. Funding of Int'l. Rock Bands

The New York Times ran an article on "an unusual class of cultural ambassadors and trade envoys, hand-picked by their government to represent their nation to the rest of the world." The article--titled "The New Ambassadors"--talks about alternative rock bands... Read more →