World music: It’s too often portrayed—even by those who work to support and nurture it—as the step-child of music genres. And, sure, back in the bad old days (read: the consolidation-mad 1990s), when the evil stepmothers of the music industry... Read more →

Cuban Artists to Perform in US and Puerto Rico for First Time Since 2003

Visas provided by State Department to Zenaida Romeu, Pablo Milanés viewed as “major breakthrough” With a peace concert in Havana by Miami-based singer Juanes days away, Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés and composer-conductor Zenaida Romeu have been granted visas by the... Read more →

Working in America's Russian Émigré Communities: A Q & A with Auktyon Manager Max Milendorf (Bridging Gaps, Vol. 3)

Max Milendorf is the USA manager for "Russian rock Dadaists" Auktyon, who are currently on tour in the USA. While these underground bohemian rock icons strive to reach non-Russian audiences when they play here--in search of the excitement of playing... Read more →

Working in America’s Romani Communities: A Q & A with Sani Rifati (Bridging Gaps, Vol. 2)

Rom activist Sani Rifati, president of Voice of Roma, is a dance teacher, international human rights monitor, and educator. asked Rifati to bring us up to speed on Romani communities in America as they relate to the world music... Read more →

Bridging Gaps Vol. 1 -- Concert Presenters Crossing Cultures

Various world music concert presenters are seeking ways to make connections across cultural lines in their own communities. Rarely do successful techniques for crossing borders within North American communities get discussed. We kick off this periodic series on Bridging Gaps... Read more →