It’s never been easy for international artists to make a profit touring in North America. The costs of travel, accommodations, and visa processing are higher for international artists, yet ticket sales and booking budgets are not higher than for other artists. While international artists and their teams may face offers they consider low from presenters, here are 7 tips to increase the viability of touring in North America that came out of the Wavelengths: APAP World Music Preconference Read more →

We asked the incredibly talented Briga what her favorite clever strategy as an independent artist that she would like to share with other independent artists was and she laid some excellent advice on us! "Keep your eyes, ears, smell, taste... Read more →

World Music Infiltration and Cutting Edge Curation

World Music Infiltration and Cutting Edge Curation from Michal Shapiro on Vimeo. On January 10-11, 2013, rock paper scissors' CEO Dmitri Vietze hosted the APAP World Music Preconference in New York City. The event included a panel titled "World Music... Read more →

At rock paper scissors, we frequently talk about the importance of storytelling for generating interest in your music. In many cases, before anyone hears your music, they will read or hear words about you. How do you write in such... Read more →

1. If you want magazine coverage, contact editors five months in advance. 2. Be generous with press passes at the door. Make journalists feel welcome. Make journalists make your festival, venue, series their home away from home. Have a special... Read more →

These days, many artists say a release date is the date the album shows up from the manufacturer. Don’t do that. At the very least, plan your release date to be two months after you expect to receive CDs. And... Read more →

1. Keep your content personal, and your persona colorful. You’re an artist—so post like one. Maybe you’re from a place lots of Westerners don’t know much about. Facebook and Twitter are simple ways to send out short, bright blasts about... Read more →

Bob Marley comes across as the ultimate musical rebel, though everyone—from American frat boys to Malian army officers—loves his music. Wildly successful, Marley is an enigma: Someone who managed to put obscure local music on the world map; who turned... Read more →

5 Things to Avoid When Creating a Bio for Publicity Purposes

1. Avoid abstractions, especially ones that are literal translations of expressions in your native tongue. You can't just translate a bio and make it work. 2. On the other hand, if every other word is italicized, your bio is not... Read more →