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Unofficial Guide to APAP and CMA Ready for Your Showcase Listing Submissions

The 4rd annual Unofficial Guide to Music at APAP and CMA is now accepting listings for showcases and concerts in New York City from January 6 to January 20, 2016. It takes a few minutes to add your showcase and concert information. Note that this is not the official guide for either conference. Each conference maintains official showcase schedules of their own. This is an additional feature to include both official and unofficial events and to make it easy for music presenters and agents to easily navigate music-specific performances during the two events. 

You have until November 30 to submit your event for the guide that will be distributed in early December; anything submitted before December 15 will be included in the final version of the guide.


WHAT IS IT? The Unofficial Guide aggregates music events at CMA and APAP in New York City January 2016. It is widely distributed to attendees of both conferences and is the only site that lists all of the music events and showcases (both official and unofficial) happening in New York 1/6 to 1/20. This Unofficial Guide grew from a World Music guide and now includes multiple genres. 

WHO IS THE AUDIENCE? This guide is meant to be a useful tool for presenters who are trying to plan what shows they see while in town. The guide is easy to filter so presenters can explore only world music, only classical, only jazz, or only family. You can also view events by venue, see multiple showcases by an individual performer, or view by date. The mobile website guide also allows you to click a "heart" button to build your own personal schedule. 

HOW CAN MY EVENT BE INCLUDED? If you are producing or promoting a music showcase or concert in New York 1/6 to1/20, we would like to include information about your event. Click here for step by step instructions.


WHAT EVENTS ARE APPROPRIATE? Any music showcase, concert or event happening in New York City area from 6 January – 20 January 2016 is appropriate. Non-musical events and event outside of the NYC metro area will be deleted. Showcases with any use of ALL CAPS will be deleted completely. 

WHEN IS THE GUIDE DISTRIBUTED? The guide is distributed in the beginning of December 2015 and beginning of January 2016. Submissions received by Nov 30 will be included in the early distribution of the guide; those received by December 15 will be included in the final version of the guide.

WHAT FORMAT DOES THE GUIDE TAKE? You can see last year's guide here: (best viewed on your smart phone). This year's guide has been updated and will look a little bit different but function similarly. 

WHO IS PUTTING THIS TOGETHER? This guide is being put together by Rock Paper Scissors (who produce the APAP World Music Pre-Conference with globalFEST) in coordination with classical presenters, agents, promoters, and advocates for classical music and the JazzConnect conference, as an unofficial supplement to the APAP and CMA conferences. This is not the official document of anyone or any organization, though we are grateful to the APAP Classical Connections Committee and Chamber Music America for helping to promote it, and to Rendezville for building the app for free for the music community at APAP and CMA.