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12 Simple Steps to Digital Promotion

You're a musician (or even a label). You have your voice, vision, aesthetics. You have some music recorded, or at least composed and honed. What next?
Here's our quick-and-dirty hit list of possible promotional directions:
  • team up with other artists/labels and start a subscription offering;
  • make sure you are  collecting email addresses on the front of my website and social media pages, I'd give away a free album (maybe a live one or an EP of special songs) on Noise Trade and a different offering on my own email list
  • I'd test out issuing a single on Spotify (but not the rest of the album; use a single that you think would be connected to another popular artist's sound within your genre/style)
  • turn on YouTube monetization
  • do cover songs on YouTube
  • ask fans to submit videos of my songs on YouTube
  • get a publisher
  • get a sync representative and write some songs specifically for use in commercials
  •            master your backing tracks/instrumentals for sync purposes
  • have a SoundCloud account and engage fans there
  • have a weekly gig in your home market inviting guest artists from other towns as often as possible to play on stage with you
  • stream your standing gig to fans across the globe via Stageit or Concert Window and make additional income.