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¡Globalquerque!, a world music festival in Albuquerque, has teamed up with Fest300 to announce this year’s festival line up via a playlist on Rdio, the online music streaming service. We asked ¡Globalquerque! festival co-director Tom Frouge and Fest300 marketing consultant David Hazan to tell us more about this new approach to announcing a festival line up.

1. Tell us about the partnership between ¡Globalquerque! and Fest300.

(TOM): Fest300 is a leading online destination website of the best festivals in the world. Fest300 and ¡Globalquerque! are teaming up to celebrate the festival's tenth anniversary. Simply put, Fest300 is exclusively announcing our festival line up via a Rdio playlist here.

2. What is ¡Globalquerque!?

(TOM): ¡Globalquerque! is New Mexico's annual celebration of world music and culture and has become the biggest in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain region, celebrating its 10th Anniversary on September 19th and 20th, taking place at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC) in Albuquerque, NM. ¡Globalquerque! was named a "Top Ten End of Summer Destination Event" by the Los Angeles Times.

In addition to featuring  a wide range of internationally acclaimed performers on three stages over two nights, ¡Globalquerque! also offers free music and cultural programming for schools, Youth Detention Centers and other community outreach leading up to and during the festival weekend.

Olodum_¡Globalguerque!_photo by Kevin Yatarola
Olodum @ ¡Globalquerque! (photo: Kevin Yatarola)

3. What is Fest300? 

(DAVID): Fest300 is a personalized discovery website for festivals that features engaging news, relevant content, and beautiful media from festivals around the globe. It is a home for an engaged community of fans to discover festivals, connect with community, and experience these amazing celebrations.

4. Where do you see this type of playlist generation going in the future, as a means of gaining new audiences? 

(DAVID): For fans of an established festival, there is always anticipation and excitement when the lineup is announced each year. This is usually discovered online via a lineup poster, announcement video, or press release-driven article. By partnering with Rdio, we expect that enabling fans to actually hear the music at the same time the line up is released, will result in more awareness, excitement, and of course ticket sales.

5. How will this playlist push help ¡Globalquerque!? How is this different than traditional marketing and PR efforts? 

(DAVID): Although the great world music that ¡Globalquerque! programs is not well known or widely heard by the mainstream audience, we have always felt that its appeal is essentially universal. By spreading and promoting this playlist at the exact time when the complete lineup is announced and interest is at a peak, we will see more social engagement and online sharing as a result. Enabling more people to hear the music, especially when some of the artists may be unfamiliar to many, will boost attendance.

6. What sort of editorial goes along with a playlist to make it have the most impact?

(DAVID): This is really about delivering the greatest rewards for a minimum time investment. We aim to provide a simple, but meaningful, contextual listening experience, so that fans can quickly get a sense of all the great music that will be featured at !¡Globalquerque! (and our other festival partners). Since fans will want varying amounts of info and detail about different artists and other festival details, the playlist includes a link to the festival website where Rdio listeners can dig into biographies, photos, and videos of all the performing artists. In addition, listeners can click through within Rdio to read artist bios and explore additional tracks by the artist. A traditional line-up announcement is about reading information. This festival announcement is about a more 3-D and immersive experience of listening to the music as a way of getting introduced (or re-introduced) to a festival and its featured artists.

TeVaka and Crowd 2_¡Globalquerque!_Photo by Jim Holbrook
Te Vaka @ ¡Globalquerque! (photo: Jim Holbrook)

Be among the first to listen to the ¡Globalquerque! line up here on Rdio:


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