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Your Fan Base, Our Tips

Spring has finally arrived, the season of new beginnings and ideas. In the springtime spirit, we wanted to give you some food for thought about promotion, crowdfunding, the joy of email lists, and other helpful tips gleaned from rock paper scissors, inc's World Music Preconference at APAP 2014.

Here are some video highlights from the panel on Building a Fan Base:

Why Email is Important (Fanbridge's Scott Englund, director of client success)

6.30 - 10:48

Using Beer and a Clipboard to Get Fan Email Addresses (Pledge Music CEO Benji Rogers)

11:27 - 12:48

"You're now competing with free" (Pledge Music CEO Benji Rogers)

29:50 - 31:31

Crowdfunding Tips for Non-Profit Concert Presenters (Pledge Music and Indiegogo)

33:13 - 37:47

How to Increase Your Email List

53:48 - 57:41

Got any questions? Anything that's worked particularly well for you? Have more specific publicity-related concerns or queries? Hit us up here.