Part 3: Strategies From Independent Artists- Be Honest
Insight from Festival Director, Hugo Rampen: "I can’t be bothered trying to be someone else."

Part 4: Strategies From Independent Artists- Be Open

We asked the incredibly talented Briga what her favorite clever strategy as an independent artist that she would like to share with other independent artists was and she laid some excellent advice on us!


"Keep your eyes, ears, smell, taste and feeling open to everything that happens in your environment. Make sure you absorb it all, chew it over and keep it separate from your cerebral mind and its own analysis of what you should do. Before making any decision, sit somewhere between what your impulsive gut feeling wants to do, and what that silly little voice in your head keeps telling you what you should be doing. Listen to the banter between these voices. It might sound a little like this “let’s break the rules vs that’s not how it’s ever been done before” … “I’m so damn good why doesn’t anybody like what I’m doing vs well, someone did mention once to you that you’re a little too self-absorbed” etc. Sometimes one voice is more correct than the other, and it can switch side depending on that day."

"Don’t mistaken idealism for pragmatism. Don’t mistaken pragmatism for fear, and most importantly, don’t mistaken fear for pragmatism. Above all, take well calculated risks and understand how you will pay for them if you make a mistake. Embrace the deal you made with yourself and most importantly: whether you’ve made it big or the shit hit the fan, remember that you are not alone. You are part of a larger community of talented, creative people who face the same challenges. So open up and share with them. Remember to listen to them too… which brings us back to keeping your eyes, ears, smell, taste and feelings open."

Watch Briga's video for 'Lela'  from her recent release, Turbo Folk Stories-

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