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Interview with Adam Rudolph. Excerpt: "What I have learned from my many, many collaborations, from musicians like Foday Musa Suso, Hassan Hakmoun, and L. Shankar, is that what is amazing is "how" they think about music itself. Not only the concept of the music but the way they hear and relate to music making." Read more →

Q & A with Hugo Rampen, Executive Director of the Salmon Arm Folk Music Society's Roots & Blues Festival in British Columbia. 21st Annual Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival (Photo Credit: T.D.I. Photography) The Salmon Arm Folk Music Society... Read more →

We asked the incredibly talented Briga what her favorite clever strategy as an independent artist that she would like to share with other independent artists was and she laid some excellent advice on us! "Keep your eyes, ears, smell, taste... Read more →