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Unofficial Guide to World Music at APAP: Mobile Website for Easy Discovery

Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 11.01.50 PMThis year we at rock paper scissors partnered to create a smartphone website for the Unofficial Guide to World Music at APAP. The Guide includes over 200 concerts in 48 venues and the diversity is stunning.

If you don't already know, APAP is a major booking conference in NYC in January every year where venues like Carnegie Hall, Hollywood Bowl, SummerStage and thousands of other performing arts centers, festivals, clubs, and community venues plan much of their booking for the following year. There are thousands of showcase performances alongisde the conference not only in world music, but also in jazz, classical, dance, theater, circus arts, and more.

To help those with an interest in booking or seeing world music, we created this Guide with the help of agents, managers, artists, and venues who add all their own submissions:


1. Mobile is Best. If possible, review the listings on an iPhone or Android so you can tag concerts you want to see and have them show up in "My Showcase List." No trees killed, no unwieldy spreadhseets. Results may vary on other devices.

2. Don't Lose Your Cookies. You must enable cookies in the settings for your mobile browser. And do NOT clear your browser cookies or you will lose your selections. 

3. Put a Heart On It. To tag an event, click on the heart icon in the full listing. That adds the event to "My Showcase List."

4. Alternatives to Mobile/SmartPhones. If you do not have a compatible device, don't worry. You can also use the guide from a regular computer. We recommend Chrome, but Firefox or Safari work  too. You can download a CSV spreadsheet from "Showcases by venue" or "Showcases by date" with the download icon in the upper left. You can print "My Showcase List" with the printer icon in the upper left. 

5. Real Time Updates. We tried to get everyone to enter their showcase listings before this announcement but stuff changes and news travels slow. They can update, make corrections, make additions in real time now as well. So it is an every evolving schedule and you may want to check it the day of each concert to be sure. Better yet: contact your booking agent or venue friend to make sure you can get in. We cannot be responsible for wrong information in the Guide since we did not add it. 

6. This is Unofficial. We didn't get permission from anyone to do this. We just did it. We hope that's OK. For the real deal, the awesome APAP conference's official showcase listings which is much more comprehensive with all genres and disciplines, go to:

We are big fans and supporters of the APAP organization and the conference. We strongly encourage serious performing arts professionals to learn more about the conference, join and attend. 

HUGE THANKS to Rendezville and WhimMill for their contribution to the performing arts field with this mobile web app. 

And if you are in NYC for APAP, please introduce yourself to me, Dmitri Vietze, or the rest of the rock paper scissors team: the amazing writer and manager Tristra Newyear Yeager, and our NPR and New York Times-scoring publicists Rachel DiGregorio and Ryan Dawes