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WOMEX Report Back: DubMC Asks Skirball's Jordan Peimer for His Highlights

Jordan Peimer, Director, Public Programs, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA

What 3-4 WOMEX showcase artist discoveries stood out for you?

Parno_graszt Parno Grazst. I had heard them on record, but they rocked my world live

Deba. Just so beautiful. Simultaneously grounded and ethereal

Kenge Kenge. I hadn’t been familiar with them, but they totally grew on me. Terrific showmanship

Staff Benda Bilili. Again, hadn’t seen them

What 1-2 CDs did you take from WOMEX that are you most excited about?

Arctic Paradise. Finnish Music Compilation. Biannual CD is always a treat

Wimme. Very excited about the new CD

What lesson or new idea spurred your thinking while at a WOMEX (from a panel, in the trade hall, or a personal conversation)?

1.  Never count out an artist whose work you might not have enjoyed in the past. Artists are constantly reinventing themselves
2. The Visa situation is much worse than we knew

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