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WOMEX Report Back: DubMC Asks ¡Globalquerque!'s Neal Copperman for His Highlights

Neal Copperman, Executive Director, AMP Concerts; co-founder and co-director, ¡Globalquerque!

What 3-4 WOMEX showcase artist discoveries stood out for you?

CedricWatson The most fun I had at a WOMEX showcase was the high energy Cajun dance party inspired by Cedric Watson.  I meant to just poke my head in, as I didn't really need to see more then a few minutes to know what it was.  But it was impossible to leave.  A great set!

My favorite discovery was Oreka TX.  Cool new sounds and intriguing music, and I loved how they played off of the video documentary.

What lesson or new idea spurred your thinking while at a WOMEX (from a panel, in the trade hall, or a personal conversation)?

Nothing specifically new, but I always come back energized and eager to try new and different things to shake up the music and arts community in Albuquerque!

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