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Dmitri's Facebook Status Notes from the APAP E-Marketing World Music Session on 01/09/2009

Colorful_explosion The Arts Presenters conference wrapped up earlier this week. Some of my favorite sessions are always the ones organized by the North American World Music Coalition (thank you, Alison Loerke!), who this year teamed up with the Summer Outdoor Festivals and Presenters. As I sat in a session titled "Fresh Perspectives: Capturing Audiences Through E-Marketing," I constantly updated my Facebook status so that others not in attendance could "listen" to the conversation and ideas. Moderator: Anastasia Tsioulcas – American editor of Gramophone Magazine and a freelance writer/editor, New York City; Panelists: Mehmet Dede, Bookings & Marketing at Drom, New York City; Chad Herzog, Director of the Performing Arts at Juniata College, State College, Pennsylvania.

Here is a transcript of my notes on Facebook:

9:16am:   APAP session on Emarketing, panelists are bragging about their URLs :)

9:17am:   APAP Emarketing session handout at

9:19am:   Chad Herzog panelist from Juanita College tests out his Emarketing on a focus group first.

9:22am:   Including his grandmother.

9:23am:   Panelist Mehmet Dede says his venue still uses direct mail.

9:24am:   panelist Mehmet wants to add music jukebox to his venue's website.

9:25am:   Panelist Chad considers their electronic space their third venue (in addition to 2 physical venues).

9:28am:   Panelist Chad says their Facebook content is more organic than their website, which I thinks means more dynamic, more freq updated.

9:29am:   His FB page has more interaction w audience, corrolary events, RSVPs, etc. A cmnty org put together separate event relevant to a performance, on their own.

9:32am:   panelist Mehmet is praising flavorpill, daily candy, YouTube; and facilitator Anastasia is surprised how few presenters are posting artists' performances.

9:33am:   Audience question: are u getting rights to post video; Anastasia says artists are providing content.

9:36am:   Mehmet says emarketing is not just about getting people to show, but about retaining audience with post performance footage, etc.

9:37am:   JDub label's Aaron Bisman says his youngest mrkting staff says Facebook event updates from musicians/labels pisses people off, FB is a personal space.

9:38am:   Anastasia says 5 pm is magic time when workers start deciding what to do that night.

9:45am:   Audience asked what to do abt negatv online feedback; Chad: I love it, usly community responds and I don't have to do anything.

9:49am:   Community uploaded tattoos of dance performers and had photo contest online.

9:53am:   Audience asked about cost of SMS text blasting; Chad says there is short code u can buy.

9:54am:   Cost is around $1000; google ‘SMS short code;’ u have to set up a server or contract someone to do it.

10:00am:   I asked for data about how much time it takes to recruit 100 FB friends for a venue, and which online tools including automation are really working for...

10:01am:   Mehmet says u need 3 weeks lead time for online promo.

10:03am:   Audience asked how to ensure links in eblasts are not dead.

10:06am:   Mehmet says is another option.

10:09am:   Audience mmbr says it all dpnds on what yer audience wants in terms of not angering them; is going to put up a white paper on setting up SMS text blasting.

10:11am:   Audience mmbr says another service for artists is called Mozes and another called kadoink; geographic SMS outreach systems.

10:12am:   Audience member says ‘when are we going to stop printing brochures?’

10:15am:   FingerLakes stopped printing brochures and only got 14 phone calls of protest; so they have a mailing list of 14 and they send them printed version of their website.

10:20am:   Mehmet is plugging widgets; company called, tools to update MySpace and FB, more personal look; Giant Step used it, adding motion to emailer flyer...

10:21am:   Anastasia is plugging Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

10:25am:   Chad plugs Flip Mino video cam which he gives to house staff to spontaneously intrvw audience mmbrs.